Spring Break


(Grandpa and Arizona eating breakfast together)

When you become a parent, weekends, holidays and school breaks take on a whole new meaning.  Next week is Arizona’s spring break and even though she still has some of her weekly to-do’s intact, a lot of her regular activities are cancelled.  This leaves us some free time during the week to get creative!

Here are some fun things we have planned for our down time :

1)      Play date with a friend in another city : I’ve been meaning to get together with some friends who live about an hour away.  Since we have the time, we’ll spend an afternoon out there, letting the kids play together while we catch up!

2)      Impromptu visit from Grandpa : My parents live in Ohio so we often have to plan weeks and months in advance to spend quality time with them. Because my Dad will be in Los Angeles for a conference, he will stay a few extra days and get some quality grandpa + Arizona time during her free time.

3)      Girlfriend + Kid Luncheon :  I have a few Mommy girlfriends who will be in town next weekend for the Easter holiday and decided to put together a “Good Friday potluck & playdate” party.  I provide a kid friendly environment with LOTS of activities / toys AND food + libations + adult conversations for my girlfriends.  BLISS.

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