Love & Affection


(My Love Bug, Arizona)

In the early days of Arizona’s diagnosis, I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and despair. Apart from concerns about her development, I had also been told, by various professionals, that my daughter might never tell me she loves me or be able to show real signs of affection.

There was a deep sense of mourning for me during this time. As a child, I was extremely loving and affectionate with my parents; especially my Mommy. I loved to get cozy and cuddle with her.

Today, Arizona doesn’t easily give affection away – to most people. When it comes to me, however, the hugs and kisses flow freely. My heart can only soften in these moments. What a blessing to experience something you were told might not be possible!

What were some things you wanted to experience with your child / children as a parent? What were you told your children “wouldn’t do” but ended up doing anyway? What are you still hoping that your child will do?

2 Comments on “Love & Affection”

  1. When Danielle gets sarcasm & laughs because it’s funny, I love that. But I’m still hoping that she will learn to look both ways (really look!) when crossing the street.


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