Travel Letters

IMG_3214(Travel Letters for Arizona)

Arizona is a girl who likes to know what’s happening ahead of time. She thrives on visual schedules and really likes to talk about things well before they happen.

When I first started going on trips without Arizona, I came up with a creative way to keep her in touch with what I was doing. This way she knows that even though I’m not physically present, I am still thinking about her.

Here’s my process :

  • Visualize my projected schedule for the time I’m gone – what I’ll be doing and with whom
  • Put together a letter for each day that I’m gone, explaining to Arizona what I’m going to do that day and talk about what I did the previous day
  • Pull pictures, from the internet or from files, to illustrate my trip
  • Leave the letters by Arizona’s bed, decorated with colorful art & stickers, so that she has one to open each night that I’m gone. For example, if I leave on Friday and come back on Sunday, I will have a Friday Letter and Saturday Letter waiting for Arizona to read each of those nights before bed.

Arizona is much less anxious when I leave. She has the letters to look forward to and feels connected to me, even as I am away.

I’d love to hear different ideas you use to help ease transitions and lower anxiety for your children. Do you follow a certain routine? How does this help your child / children?

2 Comments on “Travel Letters”

  1. Wow…what a great idea! I have never had the chance to go away overnight without my kids, but what a great idea! My husband is going away this summer and this a great way to help my daughter feel connected to him and process her feelings about his being gone and missing him! Thanks!!


  2. Years ago when we were planning to take out first official road trip with the kids, 1 worked with Mj’s teachers to make him a book. We wrote and had pictures of stops we would make, restaurants we would eat at along the way, and the family we would visit. It was perfect and helped ease any anxiety for him.


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