My Friend Nancy

IMG_1091(Nancy and Danielle)

Years ago, when Arizona was first being diagnosed with her issues, a friend of mine reached out to tell me about a Mom at her childrens’ school named Nancy. Nancy, it turns out, had gone through a similar journey with her daughter Danielle a few years prior. My friend told me that Danielle had “largely overcome” her challenges and that I should call Nancy.

So, I did. And now, 6 years later, I am so grateful for her friendship and guidance and camaraderie in this world that can often be so isolating.

Friendships with other special needs parents can be so beneficial and fulfilling. Here are a few reasons why :

  • YOU CAN VENT to someone who really gets it
  • You can share resource knowledge and information– therapists, schools, teachers, programs, classes, etc.
  • You can UPLIFT each other at the times when you need it (more often than not)
  • You can share hints & tips for how you manage certain behaviors and situations with your child

Love you, Nancy!

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