(Me & My Girl)

I love a fresh start to anything – a new year, another trip around the sun (my birthday was yesterday!), starting a new project, etc. As a teenager, one of my favorite phrases to quote was the latin one “Tabula Rasa.” It means CLEAN SLATE – and always reminds me that if things end or don’t turn out the way I want, there is always the opportunity to start anew.

Over the holidays, my parents and siblings came to stay with me. During one of our family dinners, my Mom asked for each of us to go around the table and share our hopes for 2016 so she could add them to her prayer list.

As a life coach, I encourage my clients to DREAM BIG. I help them to visualize and create their BEST lives. So when it came time for me to share my 2016 wishes, I took my time to answer specifically and allow myself to say the big things out loud.

I am looking forward to a phenomenal new year for all of us. I wish for you an abundance of blessings, purpose, clarity, peace and forward movement!

What are you hopes and dreams for 2016?

5 Comments on “2016”

  1. Dream big and visualize/create your best life. Love it! I’m working on being healthier and giving my family more of my time. Those both took a toll last year. Here’s to a happier 2016!


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