Being Flexible


(Like daughter, like mother)

One of Arizona’s biggest challenges in life has been her inability to be flexible when plans change or she doesn’t get to do her own idea.

She practices “being flexible” in her social skills group and worked on it daily when she was a student at Cheerful Helpers.

What I recently realized, though, is that being flexible is a really hard thing to do, even for a neuro-typical person like myself. I am a girl who loves to have a plan. I thrive when everything is in order and organized just so. I am easily thrown off when things change up.

Recently, I had some big plans change quite suddenly. I was prepping for a particular event to happen for weeks … I organized and arranged my schedule so that things would flow smoothly for me and my family. But at the 11th hour, I had to make a change.

And even though it wasn’t easy, I took a moment to check in with myself and ask : is this a small problem or big problem? In the grand scheme of life, is this going to be a huge, devastating, destructive wave or is it going to be a small one …?

I share all of this to say that life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. There is light and darkness and ups and downs. But I do know this; there is wisdom in everything we go through; good and bad.

Embracing the journey is my life practice. I’m still learning to be flexible, just as my daughter is. And you know what? Everything will be always be okay.

One Comment on “Being Flexible

  1. Love this. I am also one who likes to know the schedule and keep it. And when it doesn’t go as planned, I do my best not to show my anxiety to Danielle, who struggles with unexpected transitions. Keep sharing your wisdom, it helps to keep me sane!

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