World Autism Awareness DAY


(My Heart : Arizona Ray Lovell)

Raising Arizona has been both my biggest challenge and joy in this life. But, in navigating through the worry and heartbreak of raising a special needs child, I have found my own true calling : helping other parents find and realize joy and passion in their own lives.

And, I have a mission to share the beauty and joy of each child with autism to the world. I visualize a world where my daughter and others like her can be understood, accepted, and honored for who they are.

April is Autism Awareness Month and today is World Autism Awareness DAY. Today, I count my blessings for my 10 year old daughter, Arizona Ray Lovell, and wish upon her a life of fulfillment, purpose and peace.

I would love to know what ways you  will be celebrating people with autism this month; please share your stories!



5 Comments on “World Autism Awareness DAY”

  1. So blessed to have this beautiful angel in my life and so proud to be her Grandma. Each time I see her the changes in her growth in every aspect is so apparent. She just amazes me. So smart, with such a deep & compassionate heart, a imagination that makes me smile constantly.. She has it all, a mom and dad that completes the team. I am so proud of you Arizona Ray Lovell. You rock my world Love Grandma Sue

    Faith see’s the invisible,Believes the unbelievable,and receives the impossible.



    • Isn’t it amazing? I’m so grateful and feel so blessed, on a daily basis. Challenges still arise but I feel so much more grounded / supported / CALM — thanks to everyone on Team Arizona. You are a big part of this TEAM! xoxo


  2. Beautiful! I can’t believe peanut is 10!!! I am sure she has come so far since the little preschoooler that I worked with in the tent many years ago.


    • I know —! It’s hard for me to believe it also! Those early days were so tough; thank you for bring such a bright light to me and Arizona! 🙂


  3. This young girl is so intuitive. She has brought so much joy to our world and taught us so much. Blessed to know her is an understatement,


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