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  There’s a couple in my neighborhood who walks their daughter to and from school every day. They always hold hands and engage in conversation with each other. I smile when I see them and always think to myself, “Wow, they must be really happy.” Most people, when asked what they want out of life […]

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In the Land of Canaan

(We are #canaanites) I was nothing short of inspired and touched by the story of Canaan, a 3 year old girl with special needs who passed away in October 2015. Her father, Joey Papa, has made it his mission to share her story with the world via documentary film. He has successfully raised $25K via […]

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Autism in Love

Last Monday, PBS showcased a beautiful documentary called Autism in Love, which follows the story of 4 adults on the autism spectrum as they explore the world of relationships, romance and sometimes marriage. I often wonder if Arizona will have romantic relationships when she gets older. Right now, if you ask her, she’ll tell you she […]

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