*NEW* – My Online Course!




Life Management for Special Needs Families: An Ultimate Resource Guide for Creating A Thriving Life is my NEW online course that I created and teach in a self-paced online classroom via Teachable.com. This course will dive deep into the following topics:

Class # 1: Redefine Your Plan for Meeting Your Child’s Special Needs
Class # 2: Be the Best Advocate You Can Be for You and Your Child
Class # 3: Build and Manage Your Dream Team
Class # 4: My Top 7 Tips for Self-Care as a Special Needs Parent

This course is completely self-paced and will take special needs parents on a journey in rediscovering joy and balance. As we advocate for and support our children to lead fuller and richer lives, it is also possible for us as parents to experience this same richness for ourselves. In finding the best help for our children, we can recognize that we are worthy recipients of a thriving life too!

Please join me on this journey as we learn + laugh + cry + celebrate together. Whether you have been a special needs family for many years or have just received a diagnosis, this class is for you!

Registration now open HERE!



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