Peaceful : Restful : Rejuvenating

(Sweet Dreams) Years ago, as I was entering into the deep dark depths of postpartum PURGATORY, I suddenly lost my ability to sleep. It’s like, as soon as Arizona started sleeping through the night, I stopped. I remember how it all began, distinctly. Brian (my husband), was starting to feel less wary about leaving me […]

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everything you ever wanted : a memoir

I recently finished Jillian Lauren’s latest book, everything you ever wanted, a riveting memoir about her journey into motherhood. Initially, I was interested in the book because of her story as it related to mine : she and her husband adopted an Ethiopian child with special needs. But, as I was reading through the pages, […]

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A is for Arizona

(Me and My Girl in Rhode Island, Summer 2012) I’m working on my first book. I actually came up with the title and premise of the book a few years ago, in the middle of an acupuncture session as I was trying to rid my body of stress and anxiety. The title, “A is for […]

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