Birthday Season: Let’s Eat Cake!

(Birthday cake for celebration #1) Arizona doesn’t officially turn 13 until tomorrow (June 18) but we’ve already had a few birthday celebrations for her. Because cake is obviously an important aspect of birthday FUN, I am so grateful for companies like Cherrybrook Kitchen who make my life so much easier during times like this! I […]

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Spotlight: Enjoy Life Foods

(Gluten free, vegan, nut free brownies? Yes, please!) My journey with food allergies began as soon as Arizona was born. I remembered thinking that a lot of children had allergies but also that a lot of children grew out of them. I was convinced this would also be the case with my daughter. 12 years […]

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Food Allergies : Holiday Baking

(Arizona loves baked goods!) Because Arizona is allergic to wheat, eggs, nuts, soy and dairy and especially since a lot of our kiddos have food sensitivities these days, I thought it would be helpful to share some practical tips in getting through the holidays with fun, baked goods that everyone can enjoy. In the past, […]

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