FAPE: Free And Appropriate Public Education

(Walking to public school!) In light of the recent public school teacher strike here in Los Angeles, I felt a renewed sense of gratitude for the resources and support Arizona has received as a student with disabilities. Years ago, as I was trying to navigate and understand how best my child’s educational needs would be met, […]

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IEP : Special Education Advocates

(My happy school girl at Back to School Night this year) This year was the first time in awhile that I haven’t hired an advocate to come along to an IEP meeting. It ended up being the right decision, because it was one of the most agreeable meetings I’ve participated in for Arizona. In fact, […]

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What is an IEP?

(Arizona walking to school, August 2014) As the school year starts to wind down and I’m starting to prepare for Arizona’s upcoming IEP meeting, I thought it would be the perfect time to explain what an IEP is and the various steps in the process. An IEP stands for Individual Education Plan, a document put […]

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