A Morning Routine

(Walking to School) Exercise has always been therapeutic to me. The benefits to my physical health have always been welcome, but the mood-boosting effects motivate me to keep a consistent routine. Mostly I take a barre class, but sometimes I swim or find myself in a hip hop class at a nearby dance studio. When […]

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Being Flexible

(Like daughter, like mother) One of Arizona’s biggest challenges in life has been her inability to be flexible when plans change or she doesn’t get to do her own idea. She practices “being flexible” in her social skills group and worked on it daily when she was a student at Cheerful Helpers. What I recently […]

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ADHD : A Daily Routine

(My Energetic Girl during Jogathon last Spring) Because attention and focus issues are usually fun “side dishes” to children with Autism, it wasn’t too surprising when Arizona received a formal ADHD diagnosis a few years ago at the age of 6. It can be a misnomer, though, this ADHD label. Many people assume my child […]

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