Top Tips: New Adventures

(My train loving girl) Arizona has a high level of interest in transportation of all kinds. She spends countless hours reading about and watching videos of trains, especially. In Los Angeles, she’s excited to ride on the Metro whenever she can. Every time she takes a ride though, she chooses the same exact route to get […]

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The Motherhood Evolution, by Suzi Lula

(Suzi Lula and The Motherhood Evolution)   My long time mentor, dear friend and colleague, Suzi Lula‘s new book, “The Motherhood Evolution : How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children” is challenging the way we think about Motherhood. Suzi is on a mission to transform the very face of Motherhood from one of exhaustion, overwhelm and […]

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My Therapy : Dates with My Daughter

(PURE LOVE!) Every week or so, Arizona and I go to her favorite restaurant Kay n’ Daves for a Mommy & Me date. Due to food allergy concerns, we don’t get to eat out often. But when I find a restaurant where Arizona can order a gluten / dairy / egg / soy / nut […]

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