Safer At Home: Reflections (thus far)

(Legos, ALL DAY!)   We are embarking upon week 8 (!!) of safer at home / shelter in place / quarantine living. Arizona and I have had our ups and downs, mostly because change in routines and schedules are not easy for either of us. But aside from increased anxiety from time to time, we […]

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Self-Regulation & Movement

(Our make-shift obstacle course on the way to school!) In life in general but especially in the autism world, self-regulation is an important practice for adjusting and controlling emotions, behaviors and attention as it relates to change, transition, sensory overload and new and / or unexpected situations. I have learned so much by watching my […]

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Jump with RJ

  (Air ZO!) “Jumping helps many kids with autism regulate their bodies and this special sensory night was all about them…!” Thank you, HollyRod Foundation for partnering with SkyZone and Outback Steakhouse to host a SENSORY FRIENDLY night exclusively for autism families in the most DELICIOUS of environments : lots of jumping fun, ease of […]

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