RCAP Presents: Motherhood, Wellness & Spirituality

(Motherhood Conversations) Calling all Mothers! For those of you in the Southern California area (or those of you who would like to come visit us for the weekend), please join me and Dr. Mimi Nartey as we co-host a day retreat for Mothers: As Mother’s Day approaches, we are all in need of a day […]

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Peaceful : Restful : Rejuvenating

(Sweet Dreams) Years ago, as I was entering into the deep dark depths of postpartum PURGATORY, I suddenly lost my ability to sleep. It’s like, as soon as Arizona started sleeping through the night, I stopped. I remember how it all began, distinctly. Brian (my husband), was starting to feel less wary about leaving me […]

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The Motherhood Evolution, by Suzi Lula

(Suzi Lula and The Motherhood Evolution)   My long time mentor, dear friend and colleague, Suzi Lula‘s new book, “The Motherhood Evolution : How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children” is challenging the way we think about Motherhood. Suzi is on a mission to transform the very face of Motherhood from one of exhaustion, overwhelm and […]

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