MomSpa : A Spiritual Oasis for Nurturing Your Soul


suzileigh(Leigh Simran Brown and Suzi Kesler Lula)

Ever since I became a mother 8 years ago, I have relished in Mother’s Day. It is truly a day to celebrate ALL MOTHERS, and I never cease to feel extra special for being part of this amazing community.

To celebrate myself this year, I signed up for MomSpa : a mini retreat put together by my long time spiritual practitioner / therapist, Suzi Kesler Lula, and yoga teacher extraordinaire, Leigh Simran Brown.

We spent the day, a powerful group of women, moving between yoga with Leigh and guidance from Suzi in learning how to :

  • Mother the Mother within us
  • Creating a powerful VISION to evolve our inner Mothering and Loving
  • Nurturing our SPIRIT to better care for those around us
  • Embracing SELF CARE as a way of life and learning to live from our OVERFLOW

One of the things that stood out to me the most was this notion that SELF CARE is actually the quickest and direct portal to ABUNDANCE. We often feel guilty for taking care of ourselves, and in fact, consider it to be quite selfish. There are so many ways that we abandon ourselves as mothers. When you add a special needs child into the mix, it seems inevitable that we will always put our needs last.

But – I want to manifest and express myself from a place of overflow – don’t you? As mothers, as women – we need to cultivate the YES to self care, put ourselves first and find that abundance within to care for our children and others around us.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day? In what ways do you practice SELF CARE? How do you feel when you give yourself permission to take care of yourself first?

2 Comments on “MomSpa : A Spiritual Oasis for Nurturing Your Soul”

  1. It’s expensive but I go to the salon every Friday or Saturday. I get my head massaged as they wash it and sometimes get a mani or pedi as well. It’s my 2 hours to pamper myself every week. For Mother’s Day we had family over and my husband grilled. It was fabulous. Hope yours was great as well.


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