Happy Birthday, Arizona Ray Lovell!

IMG_3443(My 9 Year Old Girl!)

And just like that…. she turns 9 today. Happy Birthday, Arizona Ray Lovell!

I vividly remember the day I gave birth. I was about a week past my due date and feeling extremely uncomfortable. My maternity clothes were stretched to the limit and my body was achy in all directions. I was eager to meet Arizona and wanted her to hurry up and be born already.

At the same time, I didn’t want to rush her just to fit into my schedule. When the option to induce came up, I said, “No. She’ll come when she’s ready.” And on Father’s Day morning in 2006, she decided it was time!

Fast forward 9 years and I still have a girl who takes her time in life. It has been one of the single most important life lessons for me. I have learned to be patient and slow down and smell the roses and BE PRESENT. I am a control freak by nature – a CAPRICORN to the TEE. My days and hours are predictable and scheduled. Sometimes I have a hard time being flexible when plans change at the last minute.

And so, I am grateful to my precious daughter, for teaching me that LIFE can’t always be scheduled. Life is about moments and experiences and spontaneity!

I celebrate you today, Arizona! Abundant blessings on your 9th birthday and beyond.

3 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Arizona Ray Lovell!”

  1. Well said!! I breathe and count to 10 many times a day, because my impatience shouldn’t have to be Danielle’s.
    Happy Birthday Arizona!! 🎂 🎉 ❤️

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