Spotlight : Social Foundations – Summer Camp 2015

IMG_3377(Summer 2015)

This summer marks the first time Arizona has had some real time off. For most of her school career, she has attended schools with ESY programs; keeping her occupied through the end of July.

But this year, Arizona had a 2+ month stretch of ZERO schedule that we needed to account for, and we’re so grateful that we found Social Foundations summer camp nearby in Santa Monica, Ca.

Social Foundations is an amazing organization and community in the Los Angeles area that focuses on social thinking and development for kids. It really helps kids develop their social intelligence from the inside out.

This summer, they offered four various weeks of camp – art, making things, sports and science.

Arizona has just wrapped up her second week of camp working on flexible thinking, sharing imagination with others, social communication, working with a group and problem solving. The kids also talk about friendships, perspective taking and thinking as part of a group.

There are two weeks left – next week the sports camp and the week of 7/27 is science camp. Arizona is having the best time!

If you have a child between the ages of 6-12 and looking for a fun camp within the next few weeks, definitely check out this one.

How are you and your kids spending your summer?

3 Comments on “Spotlight : Social Foundations – Summer Camp 2015”

  1. Hi Susanna,

    I’m so glad Arizona likes Social Foundations Camp! Has she met an older girl named Katerina? Katerina and Danielle are in Kelly Priest’s social skills group.

    I have a friend who’s 7 year old son is having a really difficult time in SMMUSD, and definitely needs some services. But she’s divorced, and her ex is in complete denial that there is anything wrong with Kenji (plus, he refuses to pay for any type of testing). My friend Sigal (she took the photos of me and Danielle!) knows someone at Autism Speaks, and she met with some people there to see if they can help her (she’s not sure if Kenji has autism, but he has some of the quirks of autism). Anyways, they gave her the name of Anshu Batra to go see for a Developmental Pediatrician! I was really surprised. I told her both mine and your story of how we both went with our girls, and she never diagnosed them with ASD. Now she doesn’t want to go to her, which I understand. Weird, huh?

    Danielle just finished 4 weeks in Malibu at the McKinna Camp, and she loved it. And they loved her too! Next week she starts Planet Bravo for 2 weeks, and it’s down the street from Social Foundations Camp. Could you meet me for coffee one morning? Danielle starts at 8:30, and there’s Starbucks & a Coffee Bean close to the park. I can meet you at the park, and we can walk.

    Let me know!!

    Sent from my iPad



  2. I was so impressed by this group when you told me about it. So happy that Arizona is having fun and developing at the same time!


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