Spotlight : Swim Instructor Brianna Rhodes

FullSizeRender[10](Lessons with Brianna)

I first met Brianna years ago; before either of us were mothers. We became fast friends and continue to enjoy life together, now mostly with our kids in tow!

Brianna has been a private swim instructor for over 20 years. She is also a trained behaviorist and has worked in various public schools as a shadow for students who need extra help. She has taught swimming to Arizona for the past few years, working on a variety of skills with her.

Because of her background as a behaviorist, Brianna is so effective in getting my daughter fully engaged during her 30 minute lesson. Here are some of the techniques she uses :

  • Talking Step – before each lesson (and throughout each lesson as necessary), Brianna will sit with Arizona on one of the steps in the pool. They talk about the lesson plan for the day and what the schedule will look like for the time they are together.
  • Checking In – throughout Arizona’s lessons, Brianna is checking in with her to make sure she is still TUNED IN. She encourages Arizona to figure out the answers to her questions on her own, which promotes a feeling of confidence and self sufficiency within her.
  • Healthy Reinforcement – Brianna is a huge advocate for motivating kids from within. Arizona feels successful and proud during her lessons, even if / when she isn’t getting something QUITE right. Brianna is consistent in her encouragement and gentle nudging so that kids want to keep working hard!

If you are in the Los Angeles area and interested in group or private lessons, email Brianna here : She will drive to you and if you don’t have a pool, she will connect you with other families nearby that do so you can get your lessons in.

Happy Summer!

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