Book Review : The Conscious Parent


Dr. Shefali Tsabary authors a groundbreaking book with The Conscious Parent : transforming ourselves / empowering our children.  I haven’t found a book that fits so well into my own consciousness around parenting and believe it has value for everyone who has involvement with a child : parents, care-givers, grandparents, etc.

One of the things that I feel SO blessed about in life is that Arizona was given access to an EMOTIONAL language from a very young age. Her time at Cheerful Helpers Child & Family Study Center ensured her social and emotional development would become front and center for the years she was there – and for the many years to come. Today, she is able to dig deeper into the bigger and more intense feelings she has about things. THIS together with with the guidance and knowledge from The Conscious Parent has allowed for a deeper and more purposeful connection between the two of us. It is certainly the desire of every child – to be connected to their parents. Thank you, Dr. Shefali, for the road map to ensure this can happen for all of us!

Here’s what others are saying about The Conscious Parent  :

“Shefali Tsabary’s invaluable book shows how the challenges of parenting can become a great opportunity for spiritual awakening. Becoming a full conscious parent is the greatest gift you can give to your child.” – ECKHART TOLLE

The Conscious Parent shows how children can leas us to the discovery of our own true being. A beautiful and practical guide for raising children to live an authentic, aware, and fulfilled life.” – MARIANNE WILLIAMSON

The parenting journey is one for us to fully participate in and enjoy!

1 Comments on “Book Review : The Conscious Parent”

  1. Hey girl! Omg someone else told me to get this too! Now that you have said it also I will!!! Looking forward to reading. Thanks for sharing Susanna! Much love to you. Xo Amie


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