Deconstructing Parenthood : The Conscious Way with Dr. Shefali


I am beyond excited and HONORED to be attending this upcoming weekend’s 3-Day Intensive Workshop with Dr. Shefali Tsabary at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel. One of her books, The Conscious Parent, was a life changer for me.

One of my biggest challenges in raising a child with special needs has been the relinquishing of control : about my child’s future, about what she will or will not do, about her unpredictable behavior, and about what others will think and say about her.

Therefore, I am especially looking forward to one of Dr. Shefali’s sessions this weekend, entitled “Transforming Control Into Connection.” My intention for the weekend is to be open and available for the guidance into a deeper and more conscious relationship with my daughter. I know that at the end of the day, my daughter and I want the same thing : to be connected to each other.

In addition to a number of transformational sessions with Dr. Shefali, I am also looking forward to hearing from Neale Donald Walsch (note : I read his book, Conversations with God, almost 20 years ago), Mallika Chopra and of course, my personal mentor and coach for the past 14 years, Suzi Lula!

There are still a few spaces left and I hope you will join me for a transformational (have I used that word enough?!) weekend!

Register Here!

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