7 Top Tips for Self-Care ….


(My new handbook is available now!)

My journey with self-care started years and years ago, long before I became a mother. I grew to understand that taking care of myself is NOT selfish and that by doing so, I would be more available to my loved ones in deeper, more meaningful ways. It’s so much more satisfying to spend time with and take care of others when my own tank is full.

Today, my definition and practice of self-care has shifted now that I am a parent to a child with special needs. I find myself wanting to live more intentionally, consciously and ON purpose.

To that end, I whipped up a little handbook on my 7 Top Tips for Self-Care as a Special Needs Parent. I’m so happy to share them because I know how important they have been for me in my daily life.

For more in depth practice and specific steps in diving deeper into these 7 areas, you can purchase my handbook for $5 here (to cover printing + shipping). Please make sure you leave your full name / address when purchasing.





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