A Retreat (Self-Imposed)



Recently, I’ve made some significant changes in my life to slow things down a bit. I’m an extremely capable multi-tasker, and even when I think everything is going smoothly & effortlessly, I am still being worn down.

Physically, I’ve been off for a few months. I came down with a bout of shingles (ZERO FUN) in December and have experienced some other annoying health episodes that have kept me in a state of irritable discomfort. I will spare you the details, but it did make me look deeper into the spiritual significance of it all. Clearly, I needed to take a step back, SLOW DOWN and step up my self-care game.

But more importantly, I felt called to be more focused and intentional with the things I WAS committing to. Always a people-pleaser and very keen on having an active social life, I had to take a closer look at what I was being invited to, the events I was planning, the business meetings & clients I was scheduling for myself …

And then, for each item already on my calendar or on the verge of being committed to, I had to ask myself a few questions:

*Is this something I really want to do (right now or ever)?

*Is this something that will serve my higher good?

*Will this move me forward?

*Will this feed me?

*Is this something I can reschedule for another time?

*Will this help me with MY NEEDS right now?

I have to say – quite a few things hit the chopping block. The result, so far, has been energetically satisfying. I feel more present in everything I’m doing. I’m taking a minute to call myself into each moment, full of gratitude and appreciation for this life I have created. As a huge bonus, Arizona and I have been connecting on a more fulfilling level. I don’t feel stretched thin or pulled in a million directions at once. She feels this shift, and we have been experiencing a deeper connection with each other.

Interestingly enough, even as I worry that I am not “doing” enough to pound the pavement, build my client & project pipeline, hustle and grind with networking and meetings, I just know that this temporary RETREAT will create the space for so much more abundance in ways I cannot imagine.

Now, how cool is THAT?

Conscious Coaching with Suzi Lula


(With my teacher, Suzi Lula)

I am a firm believer: I teach what I most need to learn.

Even more so, I believe that GOOD COACHES, have great coaches. We are equally teaching and learning at the same time; equally comfortable in both a student AND teacher role. In other words, I can be humble and SHINE at the same time. I am grateful that I can participate in these dual roles …

All of that to say, I have been SO enlightened in this recent online course I’ve been taking:  “Conscious Coaching” with MY long time coach and mentor, Suzi Lula. A 4 month long, 2 classes / month course, “Conscious Coaching” has completely transformed the way that I am BEING in my business of coaching. FUN FACT: when we put 90% of our energy toward our spiritual growth / life, the business part will happen easily, gracefully & abundantly.

If you are : willing to stand in your calling/ gifts, willing to stand in your contributions, willing to be OF SERVICE on this planet: desiring to leave today / this planet / EVERY CLIENT better than how you found it? This course is for you.

Great news: you can still join! The first 2 classes have been recorded / archived – and available to you as soon as you sign up. Please join the remaining 6 live classes between now and end of April (or watch class recordings when you are available). A pretty phenomenal community has been built from this – and we are here to support, uplift, inspire and co-create with YOU.

In addition to the course, private FB group and tons of material via PDF / downloads also available. Please join us! You will be inspired and transformed!


Susanna Peace Lovell, Life Coach for Special Needs Families

Jump with RJ



(Air ZO!)

“Jumping helps many kids with autism regulate their bodies and this special sensory night was all about them…!”

Thank you, HollyRod Foundation for partnering with SkyZone and Outback Steakhouse to host a SENSORY FRIENDLY night exclusively for autism families in the most DELICIOUS of environments : lots of jumping fun, ease of mind for parents and lots of support and encouragement for kids with autism to JUST HAVE FUN and let loose.

I have been a long time supporter of the HollyRod Foundation, and tonight was a reminder of WHY. “Jump with RJ” was truly a sensory friendly event : the lights were dimmed just SO, the music wasn’t pumping outrageously, it wasn’t crowded : Arizona was excited from the second she stepped foot into SkyZone until the second she slapped RJ a “high five for autism” and headed out 2 hours later.

And by the way: 2 hours is a ridiculously long time for Arizona to endure ANYTHING, let alone an environment with people : sounds : lights : mostly boys and not many girls!

We were driving home and Arizona said, “Mama, I can’t wait to invite my friends to JUMP with me.” “What a cool idea,” I responded. “And you know what, Mama,” she continued, “it’s fun to have Autism sometimes, isn’t it?”

Yes, my love. LIVE YOUR LIFE. There are NO limits. Jump to your heart’s content!


It’s Cool to Fly American


(Plane FUN!)

Arizona and I were invited to participate in the AT&T and HollyRod Foundation event hosted by the American Airlines Abilities Employee Business Resource Group at LAX this past weekend.

“It’s Cool to Fly American” is an “airport experience and rehearsal” event, having already taken place in airports across the country and finally coming to Los Angeles. The event was created to provide a full airport travel experience to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Arizona has been a pretty consistent airplane passenger since the age of 2 months old; we still get on a plane at least twice a year and sometimes more. Over the years there have been issues and anxieties surrounding her food allergies (and special snacks and liquids making it through security), waiting in long lines, general sensory overload (sights + sounds + crowds), being seated next to strangers, loud and unexpected noises at the airport or on the plane, crowded accommodations, fear of airplane toilets, claustrophobia, ignorant passengers with unkind words along the way …

I am grateful to American Airlines for designing a program to highlight the challenges and issues that come with traveling with an individual with special needs. I wish we could have experienced an event like this years ago.

Here’s a snapshot of how it works:

“It’s Cool to Fly American” is designed to alleviate some of the stress that families who have a child with autism experience when traveling by air. The event will be realistic and provides families with the opportunity to practice entering the airport, obtaining boarding passes, going through security, and boarding the plane.  The aircraft will taxi around the airport for a short period of approximately 30 minutes.

There will be familiar faces that will take part in this event such as uniformed gate agents, pilots, and flight attendants so that your child becomes familiar with the typical airport and onboard experience.  This also gives our American Employees, Transportation Security Administration professionals and other personnel the opportunity to observe, interact and deliver their services in a structured leaning environment. This experience is equally useful for families that have a member with other intellectual or developmental disabilities that are concerned about the ability of their family members to travel. Our goal is to create an environment with all of the sounds and sensations your child could experience in flight – without ever leaving the ground.

When RSVP’ing for the event, we were encouraged to bring any items that would be helpful to alleviate any stress out of the travel experience: bringing technology devices, service dogs, ear plugs / head phones, books, sensory items, comfort items and more so that it would be as successful experience as possible for our child.

Thank you, American Airlines, for bringing more awareness to our world!

2018 : Surrender


(Playa del Carmen : getaway with my girl)

Certainly, the New Year 2018 is well under way. After a 3 week break from school, Arizona finally returns tomorrow. We’ve been on a few trips during this hiatus, a mix between work and play. Oh: and let’s not forget about my unexpected bout of shingles (SHINGLES?) – eek.

All of this to say, I’m excited to return to my comfy routine of life : motherhood, coaching, writing, creating. I thrive with “to do” lists and a calendar that’s fully booked. I’m motivated to get stuff done when I see how much I still need to accomplish. There’s lots to do and no time than the present!

Now, all of THIS to say : there is a theme / mantra / word that becomes crystal clear to me before the start of each new year. This becomes my foundation and theme for the next 12 months of my life.

This year’s word? Surrender. SURRENDER. Exhale. Release. For sure, it is my life’s work to LET GO of the things that no longer serve me; to bless + release anything and everything that is not in alignment with my higher good. I welcome relationships with THINGS and PEOPLE that will uplift, inspire and motivate me to GROW + FLOURISH.

So on this note, I am taking a step back, observing the flow of this life, leaning into the BEING in this life, rather than the DOING…

Matthew 6:28 “…consider well the lilies of the field, how they grow. They do not toil…”

I am grateful to just BE. I hope your 2018 is off to a peaceful & productive start as well!

Speaking Topics : 2018


(Susanna Peace Lovell : Speaker, Writer, Coach, Advocate!)

Happy Holidays!

I have enjoyed, so much, speaking about my experiences, sharing resources, uplifting my community with stories I have lived through .. it is truly a blessing to LIVE such a rich life of fulfillment and purpose.

I’m looking forward to engaging with more of you in 2018. Here is my official announcement on my 2018 speaking topics. Note : customized talks, workshops and seminars are also available.


Susanna Peace Lovell is a certified professional life coach and advocate dedicated to the health and wellness of special needs families everywhere. Her own daughter, Arizona, has multiple challenges and diagnoses, including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and food allergies. On her journey of navigating through the worry and heartbreak of raising a special needs child of her own, Susanna found her true life calling : to help other parents find and realize joy and passion in their own lives. It is a gift to realize that your child’s potential doesn’t have a limit; but to realize YOUR possibilities are also unlimited is a tremendous breakthrough not to be missed! Susanna can help you unleash this potential within and start soaring in your own lives.

Susanna is currently booking for speaking engagements and panels in 2018. She has presented to universities, schools, Fortune 500 firms, special needs organizations, mom groups, health & wellness forums and more. Based in Los Angeles, Susanna is available for both local and nationwide bookings. Please contact susanna@susannapeacelovell.com for rates & availability.

Speaking Topics

Knowing Your Rights in California

What are your child’s rights and what resources are available to them and you? Susanna Peace Lovell will help you understand your needs as you navigate through the world of being a special needs family. The state, school district and even private support systems (including schools, therapeutic services and other interventions) can be covered, 100%, when processed through the correct channels.

My Top 7 Tips for Self Care as a Special Needs Parent

Self care has been at the forefront of Susanna Peace Lovell’s journey as a special needs parent.  She shares the top 7 tips that have helped her along the way : 1) Speak Your Truth, 2) Just Say No, 3) Release the Guilt, 4) Receive Help, 5) Let Go of Expectations, 6) Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable and 7) Finding Your Joy. What are the ways in which both YOU and your child / children can thrive?

A is for Arizona

Susanna Peace Lovell shares her journey in raising her now 11 year old daughter, Arizona, and her navigation through the worries and heartbreak of understanding the various diagnoses her daughter was given along the way : allergies, asthma, auditory processing disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety and more. Noticing that all of Arizona’s diagnoses happened to start with the letter A, Susanna had an epiphany : these “labels” didn’t define her daughter. A is for the perfect, whole & complete Arizona.

Conscious Uncoupling & Harmonious Co-Parenting

 A staggering 75% of special needs families end in divorce, and the reason why that number isn’t higher is because it is so expensive to manage multiple households when funds are largely allocated toward your child’s needs. Having a child with special needs is stressful on a marriage, and it requires a conscious and specific path, from both parties, to navigate through life together. As a divorcee who tried to keep her marriage intact, Susanna Peace Lovell had to make conscious choices about moving through life, effectively and intentionally, with her ex-husband – keeping their daughter’s interests at heart. Susanna speaks about the power we have within to make CHOICES for a better life.

My Top 5 Tips : Food Allergies


(Throwback photo to my 5 year old cutie, just because)

I was gutted to tears when I read a recent New York Times article  about a 3 year old boy who died after being (irresponsibly) given a grilled cheese sandwich at preschool. He was severely allergic to dairy and died from anaphylactic shock.

Aside from the glaring reality that food allergies can be LIFE THREATENING, I am feeling validated in my inflexibility when it comes to protecting my child from adverse reactions to food.

On that note, here are the top 5 ways I help support my child in living a thriving life, despite her allergies & restrictions around food :

    1. I have drilled into Arizona’s head, over and over, the seriousness of eating foods that are “not good for her body.” She knows, now, to ask me every single time if she can eat something she’s unfamiliar with. Although processed foods are few and far between in her diet; there are occasions where she has to read through a list of ingredients to determine whether she can partake of a certain food. She feels empowered by being part of the process.
    1. It is my job as a parent advocate to enlighten everyone about Arizona’s food allergies including possibilities and risk for cross contamination. I write notes to Arizona’s therapists, spend time talking to her classmates about the importance of food allergy awareness, talk to my friends & family about the importance of keeping Arizona’s contact to allergens at a minimum, prep visits to other’s homes ahead of time, bring Arizona friendly snacks everywhere we go and make sure she has her own set of cookware & utensils for food preparation when we make trips out of town.
    1. One of the most important interventions for avoiding allergic reactions to foods : hand washing! When you are in a household or proximity of someone who has reactions to certain foods, washing hands after touching allergens can be highly effective. I had to teach my friends and family to wash their hands thoroughly after touching cheese, cracking open eggs and popping nut snacks into their mouth.
    1. It’s not so fun to be told, all the time, about the things you CAN’T eat. So, I try to empower Arizona with all of the fun benefits to her healthy eating options. Understanding how certain foods can make Arizona’s body stronger, more focused and boost her mood make eating them even more compelling.
    1. Lastly, and most importantly, food is medicine. Our bodies, regardless of allergies or intolerances, will thrive when we are putting the healthiest options in them. I practice eating healthy foods for my body as a model for Arizona to witness. We talk about living long and healthy lives together!

Halloween 2017 : Safe & Sensory Friendly


(Fun + Friends : Halloween 2016)

I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween and don’t have a particular attachment to the holiday, but since it is Arizona’s FAVORITE celebration of the year, I have a few tips to share on how to make it a safe and memorable one for her.

  1. Make A Plan – As with most children in general and certainly those on the Autism Spectrum, having a plan for the day / evening (including a visual schedule and trying on costumes ahead of time) can make all the difference for a smooth experience.
  2. Keep It Simple – No need to over plan, a simple schedule is usually the most effective. Usually, we make a plan to walk a few blocks around the neighborhood with a friend or two (familiar faces and relationships are comforting). Overstimulation is a real thing and Halloween includes possibilities for sensory overload in all areas. Limiting your “celebration” time can help offset any meltdowns due to sensory dysfunction.
  3. Plan for Sugar / Treats – Arizona is allergic to 90% of the treats passed out on Halloween. I blogged about The Teal Pumpkin Project last year, as an alternative to passing out candy and food goodies. It is an easy way to allow for children with allergies to feel successful in their trick or treating efforts.
  4. Practice Social Skills – Because of Arizona’s allergy to most candies, we have focused on Trick or Treating as a way to walk and talk with friends, ring neighbors’ doorbells and make a connection with them (look with your eyes) and have a script : “Trick or Treat!” Typically, additional conversation will ensue, with Arizona engaging in questions such as, “Tell me about your costume!” “What are your favorite candies?” “Are you having fun?” Social Thinking is a huge part of Arizona’s therapeutic plan these days. Knowing when to start and end conversations including staying on topic is a fun practice while walking the neighborhood.

Whatever your plans for the day (perhaps an LA Dodgers win for World Series Game # 6??), enjoy each minute and be safe!

I would love to hear from you : please share any additional hints and tips for making the day a successful one!

Autism Speaks : Into The Blue


(Me & Arizona, dressed in blue for Autism Speaks)

There were a lot of firsts for Arizona this past Saturday night as she participated in the opening of the Autism Speaks annual gala held at downtown Los Angeles’ historic Union Station.

I was reveling in that culminating moment, reflecting on just how far my 11 year old daughter had come.

She used to be a girl who couldn’t be in the same room as a balloon; for fear it would pop unexpectedly, forcing her auditory system into a messy traffic jam. Music was also a culprit, especially when at high decibels with a loud bass thumping. Arizona felt these sounds and vibrations so deeply in her body that she would freeze, both hands covering her ears for protection.  Her anxiety of anything unknown, even after days of preparation and visual schedules outlining the exact breakdown of the upcoming events, often led her to moments where she did not know how to move forward.

And here was my daughter, on stage with Georgianna Junco-Kelman (gala chair and my beautiful friend, but someone she had just met that evening). She walked calmly down the blue runway, music blaring and thumping, holding balloons, lights and sounds shooting toward her, looking out at a crowd of unfamiliar faces, having only participated in one scrambled run through an hour prior.

And Arizona did her thing : bowed at the end of the runway, turned to the crowd and lifted her arms out wide on either side of her. She held on to that huge bouquet of balloons, not a finger pressed to either ear in the fear of one popping.

I met her at the end of the runway. “Mommy, can you please hold my balloons now?” “Yes,” I said, “Well done, baby girl. How do you feel?” “I feel good, Mama. Can I go see the trains now?”

And so my support for Autism Speaks continues; funds raised for continued research and support to families affected by autism. I am a huge advocate for any way, shape or form autism awareness is heightened. Join me in my support!


(Grateful for girlfriend support!)

RCAP Presents : Parenting the Special Needs Child


(RCAP Founder Dr. Mimi Nartey, Attorney Georgianna Junco-Kelman and Me)


Meet the Panelists on Parenting the Special Needs Child

Four tenacious, motivational and engaged special needs Moms rounded out the panel and inspired the audience with their vulnerability, authenticity and shareable wisdom in raising their children. The event was Parenting the Special Needs child, presented by RCAP.

Susanna Peace Lovell is a UC Berkeley graduate and a certified professional life coach and advocate dedicated to the health and wellness of special needs families everywhere. Her own daughter, Arizona, has multiple challenges and diagnoses, including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and food allergies.

In addition to coaching individual clients and families, Susanna also sits on the board of directors of Cheerful Helpers Child & Family Study Center, consults on various projects as a subject matter expert for autism and special needs parenting, and is working on her first memoir. She blogs about her life and experiences at www.susannapeacelovell.com.

Georgianna Junco-Kelman is the principal and managing attorney at The Law Offices of Georgianna Junco-Kelman. Ms. Kelman was born in Cuba and immigrated to the United States at the age of 9 years old. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Law, from the University of California at Los Angeles, graduating with Departmental Honors. She earned her Juris Doctorate at the Whittier College of Law in Los Angeles, California.

Ms. Kelman’s personal journey with her first child, Brandon, born in 2002 with a physically and developmentally impacting brain deformity, ultimately brought her to the path of special education law. Inspired by her own experiences with her little boy, and after meeting countless families desperately in need of support navigating the very daunting and tumultuous waters of the special education system, Ms. Kelman immersed herself in special education law, ultimately founded the Law Offices of Georgianna Junco-Kelman in 2008, exclusively dedicated to the representation of students with disabilities.

Karen M. Park, a Principal at Bernstein Private Wealth Management, provides investment planning and investment management services to high net worth individuals, families and foundations. She has particular expertise in the area of planning for special needs children and is the co-author of Bernstein’s whitepaper on special needs planning.

Karen is the mother to three beautiful boys, including one who has complex special needs (http://milosjourney.com/). She is an advocate with a passion for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and PODD (Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display). Karen is also a pioneer in the advocacy of undiagnosed disorders, and is an Advisor to MyGene2.org.

Karen earned a BA, magna cum laude, in Social Studies from Harvard University in 1993 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1997.

Jillian Lauren is a writer, storyteller, mom, rock-wife, and Los Angeleno, by way of Jersey. She’s the New York Times bestselling author of the memoirs EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED, and SOME GIRLS: My Life in a Harem, and the novel PRETTY. Her writing has appeared in The Paris Review, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair, and Elle, among others. She is a regular storyteller on The Moth and blogs at jillianlauren.com. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.

The event was supported by several corporate sponsors interested in special needs advocacy, including:

Rejuvenation Center (Medical Day Spa)

Double Ivy Tutoring

Enrico Cuini (Fine Italian Footwear)

Christine Hayworth (Personal Styling)

Food 2 Die For (Catering)

Charles & Company (Fine Teas)

Merryland Dance Studio