RCAP Presents: Motherhood, Wellness & Spirituality

(Motherhood Conversations) Calling all Mothers! For those of you in the Southern California area (or those of you who would like to come visit us for the weekend), please join me and Dr. Mimi Nartey as we co-host a day retreat for Mothers: As Mother’s Day approaches, we are all in need of a day […]

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An Homage To My Mama

(My Mama, Zo & Me) A few weeks ago I was lamenting to my Mom about Arizona’s increasing sassiness and overall stinky pre-teen behavior. At one point I stopped and asked, “Wait, but I never went through that stage, right?” My mom smiled and responded, “Oh yes, Susanna, you had a stage.” Well, I guess […]

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MomSpa : A Spiritual Oasis for Nurturing Your Soul

  (Leigh Simran Brown and Suzi Kesler Lula) Ever since I became a mother 8 years ago, I have relished in Mother’s Day. It is truly a day to celebrate ALL MOTHERS, and I never cease to feel extra special for being part of this amazing community. To celebrate myself this year, I signed up […]

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